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Since development and forum support, besides my study, is getting priority at the moment, the page with the huge load of information on the slideshow plugin is not quite ready yet.

If you'd like to track development progress, visit the Slideshow project board at

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Maintaining and developing the slideshow plugin whilst keeping forum support open, is a time consuming process. Therefore, I'm kindly asking you to consider making a donation to the slideshow.

Many thanks in advance!

A tribute to those who have helped translate the slideshow plugin

Language Translated Translators Edit translation
Bulgarian bg_BG 88% Ilko Ivanov Download
Chinese zh_CN 66% Kevin Tell, Leo Newbiesup Download
Czech cs_CZ 82% Edhel Download
Dutch nl_NL 100% Stefan Boonstra Download
English original 100% Download
Finnish fi 83% A. Nonymous Download
French fr_FR 91% Romain Sandri Download
German de_DE 84% Markus Amann Download
Hebrew he_IL 53% Eli Segev Download
Italian it_IT 83% Tecnikgeek Download
Japanese ja 83% Michihide Download
Persian fa_IR 91% W3Design Download
Polish pl_PL 83% Wicher Wiater Download
Portuguese pt_BR 75% Piero Luiz Download
Portuguese pt_PT 83% Filipe Catraia Download
Russian ru_RU 83% Dmitry Fatakov Download
Serbo-Croatian sr_RS 91% Webhosting Hub Download
Spanish es_ES 52% Violeta Rosales Download
Swedish sv_SE 92% Åke Isacsson, Wilhelm Svenselius Download
Turkish tr_TR 83% İlker Akdoğan Download

If you feel like helping out as well, please send me your translation of the plugin to my e-mail address: Translating the slideshow plugin is very easy. You can download the clean translation file here. The translation file can be edited by using a translation tool like PoEdit, which is free!