404 - Page not found!

I'm terribly sorry, but you seem to have landed on a non-existent page.

Since we're here anyways, and possibly are for a while, I'd like to take advantage of the situation by telling you a little story. It's the story of the missing page. Which fits, because you just happened to be in that exact same situation right now.

It all began on a rainy day. On this particular day, a not so particularly busy man was browsing the interwebs for images of monkeys in tuxedos. Those little rascals really did crack him up, now didn't they?

Not only did the aforementioned man find a lot of images, he also found some videos, which he enjoyed very much. Suddenly, an inexplicable taste for bananas snuck up on the man. He took a sip of his beer and had a cigarette, his taste was gone.

Up to this point of the story nothing interesting has happened really, and I could've made better use of my precious time by programing stuff. Instead I decided to tell you the story of the man that wasn't working. Come to think of it, you don't have anything better to do either, do you?


The man was now rage-clicking as fast as his crooked fingers (nobody's perfect) could possibly click. When all of a sudden he came across a non-existent web page. The man looked baffled. "What could've possibly gone wrong?" said the man in a deep, Morgan Freeman-like voice.

Then he notices a strangely appealing, though slightly pointless article on the page. He starts reading it and instantly knows he's going to waste his time reading about a guy searching for monkeys in tuxedos, who comes across a non-existent web page, is baffled and says something in a deep, Morgan Freeman-like voice, then notices a strangely appealing article and knows he has never seen a more pointless 404-page in his life.